Christmas Menu

“No poultry or ham,” was the only request my family made for Christmas dinner this year.  Out go our normal menu choices.  What to fix?

  • Bacon-wrapped Maple Pork Loin
  • Applesauce (home-canned)
  • Spinach salad with mandarin oranges
  • Twice-baked potatoes
  • Roasted vegetables – broccoli, snap peas, green beans, corn, and water chestnuts
  • Wheat rolls from freshly ground Montana prairie gold and bronze chief wheats
  • Chocolate s’mores cake roll – chocolate cake, marshmallow filling with graham cracker crumbles (my daughter’s latest kitchen experiment)
  • Hot, cinnamon-spiced cider

New can be good. Always an adventure in the kitchen!


About Mary Biever

High energy wife & mom of teens who loves fun adventures. Passionate about social media, technology, cooking, gardening, 4-H, and building community.
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